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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Those of you who are already following me on Instagram might have already noticed that I’ve officially decided to brand my business with a new name.

Nicole Rose, RMT will now be known as New Body. I will continue to offer mobile massage therapy appointments but I am also adding Post Op massages to the list of services. Which will allow Post Op clients to have the option of booking a mobile appointment or coming to my location. I am only accepting female clients at this moment.

That being said, another new service that will be added is Permanent Makeup. As of right now, I will only be offering Microblading, Fusion/Combo and Ombre Powder Brows at my location.


Nicole Rose, RMT, PMU Artist

Starting April 1st, I will be booking clients through the Acuity app. Any clients who already have existing appointments in April will not be affected. As a result of this, I will need clients to resubmit their information when requesting an appointment.

To secure your appointment a fee of $50 (per person) will be required prior to booking. This payment will go towards the total cost of your balance and can be sent directly via eTransfer - or through the Acuity app.

Please note: In the case of cancellation/rescheduling of an existing appointment, you are allowed up to 48 hours to do so without penalty. The fee of $50 can only be transferred to a new appointment ONCE. Any appointments after the first transfer will be subject to a retainment fee which means you are scheduling a new appointment.

Travel Fees

Travel fees will be determined based on location.

Base prices will remain the same:

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $150

120 minutes - $180

Couples (60 minutes) - $240

Couples (90 minutes) - $300

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

As of January 30th, SunLife chose to end their partnership with Telus Health eClaims. A portal commonly used to submit claims for direct billing. As a result of this, I will no longer be able to submit claims for those insured with SunLife.

Clients will be provided with receipts that they can submit to SunLife Financial.

Hopefully this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience. I will be sending out a newsletter to existing clients to update them of this change.


Nicole Rose

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